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Class Descriptions


Our class titles reflect the true variety of yoga practices offered by our teaching team. Most of our classes are for all levels. As you know, yoga is your own. Our various classes can support you in your practice, whether that be intensely physical or more geared towards restoration and healing. No matter if you are an advanced yogi or this is your first class, we welcome you to join us! 

Yoga Flow
Yoga Flow through different places, postures, allow the energy to be moved and release what is not serving you! Use muscles and be cued of the proper alignment in each pose. Props and blankets used to make each pose your own.

Restorative/Yin Mix
Longer hold time for each pose allowing our muscles to open and soften releasing energy and balancing our body.

Flow with Gratitude
Drop out and tune in! This class focuses on Connecting movement, breath, and music. Throughout this class students will navigate their pathway to true clarity. We will build heat, and find our inner power. Maya strives to create a class were students can get messy, heal mental and physical pains, and find the beauty in movement.
Hatha Vinyasa
Connect mind and body with breath and movement.  A combination of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Traditional Hatha practices will find you holding postures for 3-5 complete breaths and settling into asanas with focused awareness.  A vinyasa practice is a continuous flow utilizing one breath per movement.  Join Erin in this class for the beauty of both worlds! You may also walk away with nuggets of yogic philosophy that you can apply in your world to spread peace and happiness.

Lunch Flow
A quick, yet effective, midday power flow.  Take a lunch break and treat yourself to a 45 minute, revitalizing yoga session that will help keep you energized for the rest of the day. Enjoy heart-opening asanas, sun salutations, core work and balancing postures.  Use your breath to train your mind to face any life challenge with focus and breath.

Chanting Class
Connect with Sanskrit's timeless sounds through the chanting of classic texts and mantras. Chanting awakens our vitality and brings depth to the practices of yoga. The vibration of sound activates the subtle systems of the body and its effects may result in an energizing and uplifting mood. No experience necessary, students will be chanting through call and response with the teacher. Discussion of the meaning of the mantras and texts will enhance the understanding of the yoga philosophy. ​
Community Supported Ashtanga Yoga
In the Ashtanga tradition, practicing amongst others creates a natural energy that both motivates and inspires. Ashtanga can be a challenging, disciplined practice, and also approached with an attitude of just showing up and breathing, whatever the practice calls for, the student decides, for it is the practice that is the teacher. Here at Yoga Om, we are offering a space to gather in community and practice together independently yet interdependent on each other to contribute to the bhavana. Bhavana, in this context, is simply the sacred space created when folx gather together to cultivate awareness of the Self through the practices of yoga, it is the flow and energy that results from the commitment to show up and breathe. It is our intention to create a space that is non-judgmental, non-competitive, and where the practitioner feels empowered and supported in their practice.
This practice space is also available for those with an established personal practice that may be outside of the Ashtanga tradition and would enjoy practicing with others. No teacher is present to guide you in your yoga practice. 
Practice days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30am-9:30am
Monthly membership is $60, drop-ins $10
For more information and to sign up contact Kacey: or (856) 308-2935

Intro to Ashtanga Mysore Style

Learn the traditional practice of Ashtanga yoga as taught in Mysore, India today. Ashtanga is a sequence of poses learned with breathing and concentration techniques. “Mysore Style” means the poses are taught to the student individually within a group setting. Kind and supportive guidance is offered and the practice is modified as needed as you learn at your own pace. Ashtanga is a dynamic style of vinyasa yoga that can be challenging for the mind and body, some memorization and commitment to show up is necessary in order to benefit from the practice. Learning the sequence slowly over time is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga, this builds strength, flexibility, and purifies the mind and body. The teacher will guide you one-on-one through both verbal and hands-on assists if welcomed. Connect to your Self, explore your breath, establish a personal practice, and build community in this supportive space. Class also includes chanting of the Ashtanga opening and closing mantras through call & response with the teacher, a traditional way to begin and end the practice.

For more information and to sign up contact Kacey:  or (856) 308-2935

Now introducing...
The Mystic Agent Offerings:
Learn more about Shannon, The Mystic Agent
Sadna Flow Yoga
Practice returning to your centered self through meditation,
breath, yoga flow movement, and tuning with sound.

Family & Systems Constellation Monthly Workshop-
January Topic: Is 2023 Your Breakthrough Year?

A Constellation is an experiential way to look at information whether known or unknown from the past, present, or future held by “the Knowing Field,” which are the energies that create one’s life and the universe.  This fun group and individual process is a unique way to reveal hidden dynamics and patterns in order to receive clarity and restore systemic integrity.  Also, participation in a Constellation is the most natural resource I have found for intuition development.


More Information & FAQ's:

Shamanic Talking Circle, Breath-work & Sound Gathering

A community gathering to reset or activate intentions and move energies.


Talking Circle w/ Somatic Communication/Reflection

3-part Breath-work

Sound Healing Journey w/ Sounding and Sound Bath

 Classes and teacher subject to change without notice. See our Facebook page

All classes are available per request for private sessions. 

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