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Class Descriptions


Our class titles reflect the true variety of yoga practices offered by our teaching team. Most of our classes are for all levels. As you know, yoga is your own. Our various classes can support you in your practice, whether that be intensely physical or more geared towards restoration and healing. No matter if you are an advanced yogi or this is your first class, we welcome you to join us! 

All Levels Flow 

This class will invite participants to safely connect with their bodies through gentle movement and guided breathing practices. Offering tools for body-based healing, this class is open to all -- no previous yoga experience is required.

Align & Unwind

Come as you are for a yoga practice to bring your whole being into balance. Develop clarity, brightness, openness, flexibility, and strength while working at your own pace. A great class for beginners and advanced students alike, Align+Unwind with Rachel explores the classical yoga postures in an accessible way. Enjoy relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and sustainable movements for healing and daily well being.

Intro to Ashtanga Mysore Style

Learn the traditional practice of Ashtanga yoga as taught in Mysore, India today. Ashtanga is a sequence of poses learned with breathing and concentration techniques. “Mysore Style” means the poses are taught to the student individually within a group setting. Kind and supportive guidance is offered and the practice is modified as needed as you learn at your own pace. Ashtanga is a dynamic style of vinyasa yoga that can be challenging for the mind and body, some memorization and commitment to show up is necessary in order to benefit from the practice. Learning the sequence slowly over time is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga, this builds strength, flexibility, and purifies the mind and body. The teacher will guide you one-on-one through both verbal and hands-on assists if welcomed. Connect to your Self, explore your breath, establish a personal practice, and build community in this supportive space. Class also includes chanting of the Ashtanga opening and closing mantras through call & response with the teacher, a traditional way to begin and end the practice.

Ancient Asana

Traditional Hatha Yoga and mantra, with warm up as taught in traditional Indian practice.

Breath & Movement

Find the breath -4 parts with the 3 parts -body breath. Bring awareness. Axial extension and cognitive movement.

Chanting and Philosophy

Connect with Sanskrit’s timeless sounds through the chanting of classic texts and mantras. Chanting awakens our vitality and brings depth to the practices of yoga. The vibration of sound activates the subtle systems of the body and its effects may result in an energizing and uplifting mood. No experience necessary, students will be chanting through call and response with the teacher. Discussion of the meaning of mantras and texts will enhance the understanding of yoga philosophy.

Community Yoga

$10 Drop In


Get your Power Yoga on & bring fun into the mix. A complete practice for all levels. It's your practice, discover your body.

Hatha -Vinyasa

Heart-opening hatha vinyasa practice allowing prana or energy to begin flowing in the body. Helping you to relax into the deepest layers of the body. 


Guided meditation with relaxation and savasana.


Longer hold time for each pose allowing our muscles to open and soften releasing energy and balancing our body.


Slow Morning Flow

Start your day connecting breath to body and allow your mind to reap the benefits throughout the rest of your day. This Hatha Vinyasa style class is accessible to all levels, with cues and modifications for safe alignment in each pose. 

We will warm up the body moving slowly and mindfully, building heat with sun salutations and standing poses, ending with floor stretches.

Soul Flow 
Juicy Flow mixed with Kundalini Yoga.
Flow Yoga is fluid movement in sync with the breath, based off of Hatha Yoga (Sun Salutations and Moon Salutations)
Learn also about Kundalini Yoga which translates to coiled serpent in Sanskrit. The coiled snake is representing our PRIMAL LIFE FORCE energy that is "stuck" at the base of the stone (sacrum). Once we awaken this snake and get it to move with our conscious masculine energy, we experience a Kundalini Awakening which is simply living harmoniously with the Masculine and Feminine Energies of this beautiful beautiful life!


Available privately and private classes with Cyndi. A Holistic approach to yoga designed to improve the students health and well being. Sutrify a practice for the student, making it perfect for special needs of each individual. Or a group class focusing on specific intentions. 530-307-9721

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow thru different places postures and allow the energy to be moved and release what is not serving you!

Yoga Flow for All

All levels welcome Find your edge with each asana. Use muscles and be cued of the proper alignment in each pose. Props and blankets used to make each pose your own.

 Classes and teacher subject to change without notice. See our Facebook page
All classes are available per request for private sessions. 
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