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Erin Spicer

Erin has been passionate about fitness and body awareness her entire life.  Starting with gymnastics and dance as as kid, Erin discovered yoga in college and has maintained a consistent practice since 2005.  A consistent practice led to the discovery that you can access the deeper parts of your mind and subtle body through asana (postures), working from the outside-in to control emotions and create joy.  And you can also create health and well being through meditation working from the inside-out. In an effort to gain more knowledge to be able to share this passion, Erin studied with Scott Nanamura, of Diamond Heart Yoga, here in South Lake Tahoe and received her RYT-200 in 2017.  Her training is based in Hatha Yoga, working with breath and energetic channels, with a flare of Tibetan Heart Yoga philosophy.  

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