Joe Rossi

Yoga is more than a physical activity, it is more than a spiritual activity, it is more than a lifestyle. Yoga is so much to so many, in my personal experience it has been a vehicle to discovering our sense of being, our sense of self and our sense of reason. It is a pathway we can travel to expand ourselves in ways never discussed in our current pop culture.
From relaxing and strengthening our bodies to enlightening our spirits, Yoga and meditation offer us the unparalleled chance to hang out with our true self. I am so glad you are herE to practice! Do not be hesitant or intimidated by any of this, for it is easy, have no expectations and yoga will meet you where ever you are.
My name is Joe Rossi, and I teach Beginners Yoga here at Yoga OM.

2520 Lake Tahoe Blvd #10,11, located in The Swiss Chalet  Village, South Lake Tahoe, Ca


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