Katlin Campbell

I just recently moved to South Lake Tahoe from Jacksonville Florida, where I studied and practiced Ashtanga at Ananda Kula. One day I came upon Ananda Kula where I met Tara my teacher and walked into an Ashtanga class. I had never heard of Ashtanga before that day, and from that day forward fell in love with the practice. It is not just about the physical practice but also the mental practice that comes with it. I get to watch myself grow throughout the practice and am forever learning and growing. I cannot wait to learn and grow with and from this new community.

Ashtanga: This class is created for all levels. I hear people say that they are scared or do not want to go to yoga because they are not flexible and they are not good. But that is not the point. You don’t have to be any of those things. It is all about the practice and learning and growing. This is a set series where you can see your body fluctuate day to day. Because Ashtanga is a set series it will become a part of you and just flow, it

will be second nature and will be a meditative practice. This class will not just be the physical aspects of yoga but also the mental aspects and we will go over philosophy.

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