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Kim Carr

A wise teacher once shared, “you must heal the people before you can heal the planet.”  Kim’s motivation to instruct yoga is to merge her life passion of protecting and restoring the natural environment, with helping others heal physical and emotional pain.  The purpose is helping others develop a yoga practice and learn tools on the mat, to lovingly navigate challenges off the mat. When we feel whole we have capacity to care for others, community and our planet.  Our body temples need to be healthy to allow us to serve our purpose in this life time. Yoga is a path to living a meaningful life, with focus on self-love, loving others and guiding others to their truth, while being true to ourselves.  Kim’s yoga style incorporates elements of vinyasa flow with a focus on breath, opening the heart, improving flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. Kim first practiced yoga and meditation while traveling and studying in Asia. She has deepened her practice with trainings and teachings while having the good fortune of living in Tahoe for over 20 years.  She is grateful to share the gift of yoga and meditation and to deepen her own practice with guidance from others.

"To preserve the planet for her daughter and all children for many generations to com"

Teacher 300 hours in Hatha and vinyasa

College instructor

Fortunate enough to call Tahoe my home for 20 years

Kim has worked for the past 30 years to protect our natural environment by educating about treading more lightly on the planet and developing programs to restore health in the forest, watersheds, air and cities.  She’s recently realized you can’t protect and heal the planet until we heal the peopleLet the breath guide you on the mat as you face the challenges on the mat, so that you may calmly address challenges in day-to-day life.

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