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Kris Zehren

With over 10 years of experience in teaching Kris studied at Yoga Loka in Reno Nevada. Kris has spent time at the Shambala Mountain Center in Colorado and has experienced many different varieties of yoga philosophies and techniques. Her classes are designed with these techniques in mind and incorporates them into a rich and satisfying experience. Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, Kris' classes and workshops will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability, as well as provide the space to discover the truth in transition, and the sense of lightness you're looking for in your practice. Her philosophy on yoga is; Let the breath guide you as you face the challenges on the mat, so that we may live our lives effortlessly. Her classes are inviting to all levels, challenging, and uplifting, as she will take you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and brings you into your own sacred space.

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