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Viniyoga Private Class Series Sale:25% Off 10 Class SeriesOriginal Price $1000 --> Sale Price $750 Free 1 hour consult with purchase.Ends 1/10/2022. Classes must be used by 7/30//2022. Gift Cards Available. Call/Text Cyndi 530-307-9721. What Is Viniyoga?From me to you this is a style of movement and body connection that will change how you look at yoga forever.*Viniyoga is an authentic and comprehensive transmission of the teachings of yoga, including asana, pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, personal ritual and study of writings. Viniyoga Prefixes VI and NI plus YOGA is an ancient sanskrit term that implies differentiation, adaptation and appropriate application. Viniyohah is also contained in the sutras book 111,  verses 4-8. "When these 3 act together as one, we call it the combined effort. When you master this skill, you gain the eye of wisdom. This is divided into various levels. Relative to those that precede them, these are the inner limbs. They are also outer limbs compared to the state where the seeds are gone."*I have completed my 500 hour, 2 year advanced Viniyoga training. I’m ready to share my passion with you. Plant the seed and watch your growth. Mine has been transformational-CyndiFollow your dreams*Viniyoga is not the same as vinyasa; it’s all about adaptation. It takes a holistic, therapeutic approach to teaching yoga that is designed to improve each student's health and well-being. It can be taught in a group class or privately incorporating one or all of breath ratios and chanting with movement and meditation.You can think of Viniyoga as yoga physical therapy or have a personal trainer for your yoga practice. This is because the teacher can work with a student and sutrify a practice specifically for them. That is why it's perfect if you need special attention.*Viniyoga is based on the student in which an experienced teacher works individually with each student. Teachers create a personalized or group practice for students based on factors like health, age, and personal needs.



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2nd Sunday of month 4:15-5:15 PM Starts December


Connect with Sanskrit’s timeless sounds through the chanting of classic texts and mantras. Chanting awakens our vitality and brings depth to the practices of yoga. The vibration of sound activates the subtle systems of the body and its effects may result in an energizing and uplifting mood. No experience necessary, students will be chanting through call and response with the teacher. Discussion of the meaning of mantras and texts will enhance the understanding of yoga philosophy.