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YogaMama Gina

YogaMama Gina is a 500 hour Yoga Teacher specializing in Family Yoga, Magical Yoga Pregnancy, Yoga for Birth, and Family Relations Yoga Educator.  She is also a LifeLong Happiness Coach and Master Transformational Chakra Energy Healer.  YogaMama Gina lives with her four beautiful children and loving husband in Tahoe six months and six months in Bahia de Caraquez, Manabi, Ecuador where she is Founder and Lead Instructor for Family Friendly Yoga and Surf Retreats.  


YogaMama Gina also has a great love for herbs and other natural remedies such as Young Living essential oils and Juice Plus supplements.  YogaMama Gina has been meditating since Birth with the Little Angel: Reverend Lillian Angeline and practicing Yoga since 1998.  Some of her most notable teachers are Yogananda, Sai Baba, Ama, JOY Ravelli of Purusha Yoga, Jane Austin of San Francisco, and His Holiness the 13th Dali Lama. YogaMama Gina thanks her students for being her students and her masters for being her masters.

YogaMama Gina looks forward to sharing her knowledge of ancient Vedic Technology for living an amazingly magical life where you are an amazing manifester of your true intentions with unconditional love attention!  

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