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Yoga Om studio is dedicated to helping you find a balance between your soul, mind, and body. We offer a variety of classes and workshops, so you can find the practice that best suits your needs. We also provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that allows you to really focus on your practice.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, you will find something that works for you. Our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to each class, so come and join us on your journey towards physical and spiritual harmony.

    My Story

    ​         We wholeheartedly hold space for all and hope you find refuge in your yoga practice.

    We have cultivated the resources and tools to find grace in all that will come towards us, including all the good things and the global pandemic which has been a giant wake up call to humanity. We will be able to navigate through this. Your practice is your strength & already inside of you.
         May you be happy
         May you be healthy
         May you be safe. 
         May you live with ease
    Thank you for this beautiful life and thank you for all of our teachers including you!
    Remembering all we have lost and have transformed in this lifetime.
    Know change is always what we can count on. Allowing us to grow in all directions.

    See you soon

        -  Cyndi

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    Cyndi Embody 

    Yoga studio facilitator at

    E-RYT500, Viniyoga RYT500 *yoga alliance registered school, yoga therapy studies, meditation, philosophy and more. 


    Connect with the earth to reach your full potential. Love, peace & happiness

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