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Teacher Training Program

Not only for Teachers, this is for all humans who would like to deepen their skills. My personal experience has been life changing!

- Cyndi 




200 Hour Training         $3,500
 300 Hour Training.       $4,000
(paid in full in advance) payment plan possible
 ***For those who would like an individual training we will develop your own personal schedule that work for you. Call for arrangements and a private consult at no fee.  

Course Overview


  • 200/300 Hour Teacher Training Program: Raja- Hatha Style.
  • Starting with left side of the brain basics A to Z Yoga training.
  • Incorporating right brain creativity with Ancient technology of the Yoga Vedics.
  • Offering a challenging course to serve your lifestyle and deepen your knowledge of the Art of Yoga. Heal your mind, body, spirit and obtain skills to teach the art of yoga.
  • *300 hour will deepen your experience with focus on pranayana, chanting asana and meditation tools to increase energetic flow. Deepen our knowledge of yoga anatomy from a new perspective. 
  • Yoga Alliance Accredited School  

Contact Cyndi for Details!
Cyndi: 530-307-9721 



50 Hour Continuing Education through YA

A mini lifestyle refresher on what yoga brings into our personal life and how to share this and make changes to improve the quality of ours. Starting with feeling our inner body, combining breath and movement with our anatomy and energetic body. Finding new tools to use for ourselves and learn to share these techniques with others. Integrating our own unique style and incorporating the ancient yoga philosophy with today's practice through movement, mantra, chanting, pranayama, meditation and more.
Schedule guideline 10am-4pm
*Group Practice
*Teaching & Methodology
*Practice & Meditation
Sign up for 3 weekends (one per month), or intensive, or other private options to fit your schedule.


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